Thursday, January 22, 2009

I love my boys

They are my heart and soul. They keep me going when my tendency toward the maudlin and self absorption get the best of me. They fill me with joy when my heart is glad. I am so grateful for them.

Today, I listened while they played together in another part of the house. There is no better feeling than the knowledge that those you would step in front of a train for are happy and light. Before I put on my coat to leave for work, Julian announced that he was ready to go! He was wearing his footed lavender pajamas. When we discovered that the TV was not working properly, I mused as I listened to Jonathan lovingly explain to Julian that he would have to watch Caillou on the computer instead. He was holding Julian as he cried and he was almost whispering the bad news to him so lovingly. It was marvelous.

I love my boys.