Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day by Day

This morning, I went into Julian's room to find him sitting next to his heater vent with his music box. He looked at me and said "I have boogers". Oh, what an absolute joy he is. He is 3 years and 7 months now. He is long and gorgeous....goes potty in the toilet standing up, if prompted with an oreo. When I retold this story to Jonathan this morning, he told me of the morning Julian crawled into bed while he was sleeping, snuggled right up to his face, looked into his eyes and proclaimed "I'm wet".

So, I will be going to the Woodside Priory School in July. I have some natural anxieties that seem to be clouding my joy a bit. I wish I could just relax and bask in the glory of this new turn in my life. The potential for real job happiness is within reach. I will be in an environment of intelligence, kindness, compassion, purpose and productivity. My faith will now have an everyday source and outlet. This was devinely maneuvered - of that I have no doubt.